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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Sunday, January 23, 2022

You seem to be caught up in some emotional turmoil. The heart overrules the head today, and the results could be unexpected. Do not let your enthusiasm exceed your deep sense of right and wrong. There are consequences to every action, so be sure to think long and hard before you do something out of character. You learn a lesson today about which part of you is really in control. Do your best to not make the same mistake twice.
Everything gets turned upside-down. Left is right and black is white. Your emotions take you for a wild ride today, so buckle up! This isn`t a bad thing, but it does take a lot out of you. Be sure to stop for nourishment, whether in the form of a home-cooked meal or dinner at a wholesome restaurant. Spending time with friends tonight may be much more eventful than you had imagined. Going along with a spontaneous suggestion could change the tone of the evening.

You have some big decisions to make, so be sure to think things through as much as possible. Unwise choices could come back at you like a boomerang, so choose well. Pay close attention to career and financial matters. Unresolved money issues lead to general dissatisfaction. You cannot seem to escape the material world these days, so you may as well resolve yourself to that fact of life and move on. Stopping along the way tonight could get you in a sticky situation. Stay on course.
You`ve had so many things on your mind that you may have ignored some of your personal responsibilities. Your friends and family miss spending time with you; do your best to concentrate your energies closer to home. It`s possible to nurture yourself by taking care of others. If it`s your turn to cook, do something spectacular -- let an unusual ingredient inspire you to invent a new specialty. Do a favor for someone for no apparent reason. Great generosity invites a powerful and well-needed response from the people you are closest to.

this point, there`s nothing you can do about the past, so you may as well move ahead. Stop looking backward and start looking forward. The only way to change the past is to rewrite your memories of it, but that would be a mistake. Much can be learned from the choices you`ve made. There is a lot more you can do about the future, beginning right now. This is a good day to make a list of your life`s priorities. Start with the most important goal and work down the list from there.
There`s no sense in wasting time staying by yourself. Group activities boost your energy, and others fit easily into your plans. Working as part of a team has never been easier, so be sure to take advantage of your opportunities to do so both at work and at home. Support and advice are given freely. You may be the one organizing it all, but everyone gets to share in the outcome. Tonight, something special happens to a friend, and you are there to share in their joy.

Be very careful about copping a judgmental attitude. It`s in your best interest not to judge a book by its cover. The right words at the right time prevent others from making embarrassing assumptions about you. Learn from this experience the next time you feel a snap judgment coming on. Everyone deserves a fair hearing. Tonight you may find yourself dealing with someone who is asking for the benefit of the doubt. Give it to them with no questions asked.
You are finally getting some of your projects finished, which leaves more time for fun and games. With everything safe and secure at home, you are ready to embark on an adventure. Keep an open mind and consider every possibility. Being openly affectionate with your partner gives you a thrill in a public place. You could get used to this! Self-confidence makes the world seem friendlier tonight. Don`t be afraid to show off your talents.

Today calls for some extra sympathy toward others. If you begin to lose patience with someone else, remember what happened on your last bad day. If people were kind to you, pass on that kindness. If you should have been treated better, start fresh by practicing the Golden Rule. Keep your past experiences in mind at all times so that you can learn from mistakes as well as duplicate successful behavior. Tonight spend some time with a close friend or family member who is in the mood to reminisce.
You feel like you can`t stop moving. Use your excess energy to do something positive. Working with others is ultimately better than working by yourself. You can benefit greatly from other people`s past experiences and opinions. The rewards, although not immediately apparent, will be significant. Tonight is a good time to get things cleaned up around the house. Enlist the help of family members or roommates to finish the task in half the time it would take you to do it by yourself.

Look out, Aquarius -- this day might be chaotic. Be sure to write yourself a few postcards from the edge so that you will have some memory of how you made it through today. Although you like to rely on logic, this day has other plans for you. Your emotions threaten your larger plans, which frustrates you to no end. Minor tinkering is annoying but necessary. If possible, leave the office early and go do something that relaxes you.
There is no right and wrong -- it`s whatever you want it to be. Draw your own conclusions to a beautiful, ineffable mystery. Any boundaries that still remain become almost meaningless. The rules don`t apply today. Jump up and down in place to feel the Earth turning beneath your feet. Spend some time contemplating life`s beauty. Sharing your thoughts with a friend is a wonderful way to end a peaceful yet productive day.