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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Friday, September 17, 2021

The heat has been turned way, way up and things are finally starting to happen the way that you imagined they would. The great wheel of change turns once again, and excitement is in the air. You now understand just what it is you`ve set in motion. Live up to the responsibility that you`ve created but give credit where credit is due. If there`s someone else you should thank for this success, make sure you do so in a public forum.
After a few hectic, stressed-out days, your powers are returning. For just a moment when you wake up this morning, you wonder if it was all just a nightmare, but reality comes rushing in along with some much-needed daylight. If you want to step forward now, your risks should be considerably less. There`s no need to worry about what others are saying about you. This is your own life and you are free to do with it whatever you please.

Lately, you are all about being logical. Could it be that you`ve turned into the kind of person who does number puzzles just for fun? Whether you are calculating money, distance or estimated time, you always seem to come up with the right answer -- all that you need now is someone to ask the right question. After all, what good is it to show off in front of an audience made up of only one paying customer?
Keep in mind as you move up the cliff that the higher you climb, the further you may fall. As the Stars goad you onward, it helps to know when you`re out of your depth. Keep your eye out for warning signs along the way. Don`t be afraid to ask for help, but do it on your own if you possibly can. The person who helps you will probably demand that you do most of the work. Taking risks shouldn`t be the only thing on your mind right now.

After a long, hard bout of effort, you`re looking forward to having a good time with as little strain as possible. Luckily, happy conditions set the stage for an awesome time ahead. The Lion is on fire with playful, loving fun and everyone seems to want to join in. Friends and neighbors may not know what hit them, but they`re likely to ask for another round so that they can figure it out. Leave the dishes where they are -- there will be plenty of time to clean up tomorrow.
Just as soon as you cross that last thing off the list, a whole new set of tasks present themselves. As the situation shifts and realigns, you stand at the turning point of a cycle, ready to begin again. When working as part of a group, keep in mind that even the most authoritative voice is only spouting an educated guess. The only way to know for sure is to roll up your sleeves and give it another try.

Luck and intuition play a big part in your life right now. Instead of spending all your winnings, think about how to invest them safely. You may be on top of the world at this very moment, but you want to have your parachute ready in case the bottom falls out. With circumstances being what they are, you`re both confident and shrewd. No one can fool you tonight unless you want to be fooled.
An unfocused power begins to consolidate and rise in your life. A few lucky guesses voiced at the right time could have you sitting pretty. Money finds a safe haven somewhere near you, into which it happily settles and multiplies. By the end of today, influential people will be impressed with what you can do. Be sure not to share your secrets of success with anyone who isn`t trustworthy or you may lose all you`ve worked for.

The Stars flood you with enough energy to spill over into the surrounding world. Whatever you have, you are willing to share with your friends, neighbors and strangers alike. As you come into your full power, global truths begin to appear in every corner of your cozy little neighborhood. Sagittarians are like highly accessible gods with all juicy inside information. Tonight be sure to surround yourself with others who have the same positive outlook as you do.
Studying the surface of the situation won`t tell you what you want to know, Capricorn. It`s important to dwell on deeper, integral knowledge to get you past a disappointment. Your master plan allows for so many contingencies that you`re still on track. If you want to show off, be sure that someone is watching. Otherwise, performing at this level all of the time is simply a waste of your precious energy and talent.

If you`ve ever wanted to be in charge, this is your chance to take hold of the reins. You have the makings of a true leader right now, Aquarius. Your intense and persuasive words hold the attention of people who are hungry for your kind of change. Like the other Air Signs, you`re wonderfully free and open in the current circumstances. Network with people who share your passion for this cause. The connections of a lifetime are forged right now.
What`s bugging you all of the sudden? It seems as if a chip has materialized on your shoulder or you have a huge mental block. These conditions make it clear that you still have a lot to work through. Relax your rigid standards as a first step toward tolerance. If you expect other people to be as accomplished at this as you are, you`re going to be disappointed. In situations like this, all you can do is keep an open mind and hope for the best.