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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Sunday, November 28, 2021

bit of confusion sets in as the circumstances begin to change. Don`t worry -- it isn`t all in your head! Someone else is being irrational, and there`s not much you can do about it. Responding in kind only adds fuel to the fire. If you really try, you can find the will to rise above it. Draw on the wisdom of those who`ve already been through this. Talking to an older friend or relative can do a lot to soothe your nerves. Make a long-distance call tonight or send a letter that`s long overdue.
You are about to break all the rules, Taurus. The rigid old definitions may no longer apply in quite the same way. Dare to be creative in your interpretations, but try not to step on anyone`s toes in the process. You can reject a lousy idea and still leave whoever proposed it feeling good about themselves. Remember that there is a big difference between constructive criticism and harshness. Use tact when dealing with everyone today, especially younger people or those who have less self-confidence than you.

Try not to take it to heart if no one jumps when you ask them to do so. Take the time to analyze what this idea may need. Is what you`re offering too good to be true? Just because you wish it to be doesn`t automatically make it so. Times are changing, and others are keeping their cards close to their chests. If you are trying to change careers or another major aspect of your life, get ready to make a plan.
As the situation starts to take shape, it`s in your best interest to surround yourself with the love and support of friends and family members. This is not a time to go into hiding. Get ready for a new beginning of magnificent proportions. Try to put the past behind you and move on with the future. Later in the day, expect to hear some news that may delight you. Use an extreme situation to your advantage instead of letting it sweep you off your feet.

It`s time to stop procrastinating. Get serious about your choice while you still have one. The longer you wait to make this decision, the less likely you are to have all options available to you. Your assistance is now required in a situation that could have been avoided. In order to avoid power struggles, set your ego aside for now. There will be plenty of time for opinions later. Working as part of a team is necessary if you want the outcome to be as good as possible.
You know you`ve done a great job, Virgo, but there`s no sense in running around telling everyone about it. Humility only enhances your other excellent qualities. You can be just as worthy of some great reward without bragging about it. Tonight is a time to spend reflecting on the past day`s events. Think about what you can learn from your experiences. Although it may unavoidable, you may find yourself spending time with a large group of people. However, what you`d like more than anything is to be left in peace with that special someone.

If discord spreads between unrelated areas of your life, how can you find the source? Instead of wondering why everything always happens to you, try to take a more active approach. Is there something you can do to promote harmony in your life? This is a good time to look over your priorities, especially concerning your family versus your career. Do your best to at least avoid people with whom you feel any discomfort until you can isolate the problem. Your own loved ones may not be immune, so make sure that you explain the situation before they get the wrong idea.
These days, you`re better at planning than leading. As the power behind the throne, many of the great decisions are written in your hand, even if not proclaimed in your voice. Give yourself permission to be content right now. Don`t worry about getting the credit -- someone important is watching and knows exactly what you`re capable of, even if you don`t get top billing. Your talents can`t be stopped from shining despite your place in the background. Your karmic resume is in excellent shape.

Don`t be afraid to approach all of the nitty-gritty details you`ve been putting off lately, Sagittarius. The Stars are getting ready to play musical chairs, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Legal documents, footnotes and manuals aren`t as daunting as usual. Look for the logic behind the difficult language, and it will begin to make sense. Studying can only put you ahead of the game. Make sure you look up all of the legal vocabulary you aren`t familiar with and consult with a professional before you sign on the dotted line.
Even workaholics like you are allowed to stop for breath and admire all that they have done! The Stars are dancing a merry jig just for your amusement and to provide you with admiration and inspiration. Make sure you take advantage of the extra burst of energy you have today. There`s always more to do, but you`re definitely on the right track. If you finish work early, why not think about taking the afternoon off? Work out or rent a movie you`ve been wanting to see. Mental distractions come at a much-needed time this evening.

It`s a good idea to spend the day looking over your shoulder, Aquarius, because an old habit finally catches up with you. There`s no hiding from anyone -- especially yourself -- when the Stars are in their current position. On some level you may have been expecting this. An old lesson begs to be relearned, this time with much happier consequences. Take a look at circumstances with a clear and objective eye.
Just when you had almost given up hope, something comes along to give you renewed inspiration. Today the in-crowd seems to accept you the moment you decide that you don`t need to be part of any group. New friends are eager for you to relax and feel welcome. Stop trying to figure out the reasons for the change in attitude and accept these new people for who they are. Sometimes self-confidence can be faked until it turns into the real thing.