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Woman raped on train as bystanders did nothing, police say

2021-10-16T | Associated Press

An unvaccinated couple refused the COVID-19 vaccine against their family's urges. Both parents died, leaving behind four children.

2021-10-16T | INSIDER

Short order: Some Hooters waitresses concerned about underwearlike new uniforms

2021-10-15T | Washington Examiner

Now 41, man who killed 4-year-old at age 13 granted parole

2021-10-16T | Associated Press

Matt Hancock loses UN job just four days after his appointment

2021-10-16T | The Telegraph

Jeffrey Epstein believed he could make a deal with prosecutors by revealing the secrets of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, a new book says

2021-10-16T | Business Insider

SUV of Ohio mom, 2 kids missing since 2002 found in river

2021-10-15T | Associated Press

Black students in Georgia were suspended for planning a protest after white students waved a Confederate flag and allegedly used racial slurs

2021-10-16T | INSIDER

Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Sunday, October 17, 2021

Thanks to all of your hard work and effort over the past couple days, you`ve made a positive impression with someone who has the power to intervene on your behalf in a big way. Expect great things to come out of a chance meeting. Make sure you keep gifts and income in separate boxes. You can tell the difference between diligent process and pure luck.
Are you feeling like a square peg in a round hole? You open your eyes and suddenly everything seems strange today, Taurus. There must have been a big change when you weren`t looking. It`s not a good thing to be this off balance for too long. Adapt quickly to a new situation, but do your best not to force the issue. Everyone else is able to tell if you are a real player versus someone who`s faking it. Doing something out of character tonight covers up the fact that you feel nervous.

You wish you had the last couple days to do all over again, Gemini. Lovers have a hard time leaving the house and reentering the regular world. Go ahead and take the leap -- you may find an even better way to spend your time! As the day progresses, even the most commonplace things are launching pads for an adventure. A carelessly planted seed grows with wild abandon.
Different ideas may confuse you initially, but once you take the time to hear them out, they may grow on you, Cancer. You don`t have to be totally right, just don`t be too wrong. This is a place-holding day, a passing moment on your way to greater, more noteworthy things. Go through the motions and blend into the woodwork. You may be able to rely on your friends and coworkers to get you through the rough spots. Know when to ask for help and when to work it out on your own.

Throw your day planner out the window today, Leo! Everything seems to be going in the opposite direction than you had planned. Keep your social calendar open, but make sure that you reschedule any appointments that are canceled as soon as possible. Instead of getting angry, look on the bright side and be dazzled by what you see. Quick thinking saves the day in style, and everyone has you to thank. Feel free to proclaim yourself a hero if no one else does.
You can`t tell people anything that they don`t want to hear, even when they ask. If you can`t say something nice, it might be best to keep quiet. Your best hope is that your example will set a positive impression. Go about your business, and try not to laugh at the clueless. Spend some time reorganizing your office or home storage areas. Make sure everything is in order in case there is an unexpected visitor.

Passionate thoughts invade your mind today. Your mind proves to be your most erogenous zone today, Libra. Total communication with a lover is stimulating in more ways than one. Your thoughts are loud and clear for anyone who is tuned in on your frequency. Use your special talents to impress your partner -- singing, sculpture and poetry are all favored. He or she appreciates your uniqueness more than they let on.
The green-eyed monster rears its ugly head today. Jealousy is a time bomb, a slow-burning fire never quite extinguished. The pop culture imperative of `get over it` is just wasted on romantics like you. When you can`t forget, at least find a suitable, if temporary, replacement. Loving the one you`re with could solve the temporary problem of loneliness this evening; just keep in mind that every action has consequences.

Your dedication pays off today. You could be celebrating an early triumph while others are still blinking, bleary-eyed, over the rims of their coffee cups. Calm down before you explode. Patience is a virtue, especially when the stakes are this high. You have at least one more day before the batteries wear out, so make good use of your time. Talking to a stranger leads to a surprising conclusion tonight.
Avoid making a plan so that you can allow things to happen naturally today, Capricorn. You may start out in one place and end up somewhere completely different, but that`s part of the fun. Try to keep in mind that being faced with the unexpected doesn`t give you license to misbehave. All the rules of common sense still apply. Be aware of someone who may be trying to con you later in the day.

When you think ahead, your moves are fast and unpredictable. You`re unbeatable in a game that no one else understands. Take advantage of the situation by spotting yourself points before anyone else notices. Don`t fool yourself into thinking that no one is keeping score! For the next few days, you`ll be writing your own ticket. With luck, you`ll be able to read your own penmanship.
This is not the time to go off half-cocked. Be hardheaded and practical, Pisces, especially in business matters. You`d be wise to limit yourself to facts alone. Even if the reasons were any of your business, there`s nothing that you can do about them before the groundwork is completed. Do some extra research if you are unsure of the rules. Use the Internet and your local library to find the information you seek.